Professional 3D-Printing Solutions

AXTLabs is a local business that specializes in creating effective solutions for your unique problems.

Our Philosophy

Honesty Creates Lasting Relationships.

When you work with AXTLabs you will never have to stress. You can expect same-day responses to emails and phone calls during business hours. We have no hidden fees or costs associated with any of our services. We’re driven to create a positive, lasting name for ourselves.


We prefer to work with local businesses to create lasting relationships.


We work efficiently to save your business money.


We pride ourselves in our outstanding work ethic & integrity.


We leave everything on the table. No hidden costs, no waiting for a response, no B.S, ever.

What do we do?


We can design and manufacture products quickly with 3D printing technology to suite your vision.

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We can provide small and medium sized batches of high-quality 3D prints for you and your business. 

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We'd love to work with you.

Who Are We?

The "A" and "T" in our name.

A small local business made up of two soon-to-be college freshmen from Canonsburg, Pennsylvania with a knack for problem solving.